Cafe Pride New Volunteer Training - July 5th 1-4pm

Cafe Pride’s mission is to provide safe social space for LGBTQA young people on Friday nights from 8:00 – Midnight! Youth from all over the Chicagoland area come to be accepted as they are, to play cards, watch a movie, or just hang out! This program is 100% volunteer-run by members of the LVPC community. Interested in helping out? Come to our next Cafe Pride New Volunteer Training session. Contact Pastor Alex at for more details.

Summer Sunday Fundays

Starting Sunday June 28th thru Sept.13th we will be combining the 9am and 11am services in to one 10am service. More than cutting back to a summer schedule, we are adding some fun for our church community! An engaging event will follow the service each Sunday. Click the image above to see a full schedule these events. We will resume a two service schedule on September 20.

Stardust - Vacation Bible School 2015 - August 3-6

This year at Vacation Bible School, we will be focusing on how each of us can be a light to the world. Carl Sagan, well known astrophysicist from the 1970s, famously remarked that each of us has stardust in our bones … and shockingly Scripture tells us the same thing just using slightly different words! We will work together to imagine how we can share our stardust with the world. Click the galaxy above to sign up.

LVPC Camping Trip! - August 7-9

Our annual camping trip at the Geneva Center in Rochester, IN is coming up! $50/person covers the cost of camping as well as Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. Click the tent above for full details. If you have any questions, would like to help out with Saturday dinner or Sunday breakfast, or you'd like to reserve a spot in the Cabin, contact Pastor Joy at