Starting June 26th

This Sunday, June 26, we will go to one service at 10am. Mark your calendars now! We will return to two services September 18.

4th Saturday of the Month at 9:00am, Beginning June 25th

Come all who are brokenhearted Come all who grieve the death of a loved one Come all who are suffering from any kind of loss Come for support and solidarity Come for a safe place to be with others Come. Click the image above to sign up. Sponsored by your LVPC Board of Deacons.

Sunday, June 26th

We'll have one worship service at 10am, and then everyone walking in the parade will leave at 11am. There will still be coffee hour at 11am for those who want to stay behind. If you plan on walking in the parade, remember to wear your LVPC T-Shirts, bring train fare, and lots of water! We have more here at the church if you need one.


Click the image above for links to the Peace Blessing that Joy read at the Center on Halsted's vigil for Orlando, Mary George Shemon's poem "Take Aim and Feel Our Pulse," and the entire taped vigil held at Center on Halsted Monday 6/13.