Fellowship Opportunities

Tend to yourself!

Nurture one another!

Grow together in Faith!

Click here to see the Christian Nurture Booklet for 2017, showing all of our most up to date Fellowship offerings. You can also refer to our calendar page for current opportunities.

For Young Adults:

Middle School Youth Group

Making friends. Asking questions. Talking about faith. Having fun. That pretty much sums it up! Come join in on the fun! We only have one event on the calendar so far, but there will be more to come this year for our Middle School Crew.

Save the date:

June 2 – Lock-In Lite

TBD – other events


High School Youth Group

Or as we like to call ourselves…the Positivity Ninjas. We do lock-ins, movie outings, make dinner together, talk about the bible and high school life, ask questions about faith and genuinely just enjoy being together. There’s always room for one more! Jason Hissong and Annie Paulson are the totally awesome co-leaders of this amazing group of youth!

Save the dates:

October 7- Make + Take Art Night

December 8 – Rocking Christmas Party

May 5 – Field Trip to Lake Geneva


20s-30s Group

A few times a year a group of us in our 20s-30s get together to hang out, talk faith and just have a good time. Each year we have a rocking Christmas party and we have decided to add a few more events in the past year. So, now we have make + take art nights and a once a year trip to Lake Geneva, too. And if we want to add more gatherings the option is always there! So, come join us. Let’s build community. You’ve just got to jump in and others will be there ready to shake your hand and welcome you in.

Save the dates:

October 14 – Lock-In

February 10 – Lock-In

TBD – other events

Contacts: Maggie Strome

For Men:

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group is a fellowship group for various ages of people that identify as men. It began as a fellowship for men of various ages meeting once a month on Saturday mornings to talk about who we are, what we do and how that fits or doesn’t fit into our Christian lives. Obviously, we have moved along tangents in many different directions. We have taken trips to a variety of locations such as Springfield, Starved Rock, Architectural tours, organic growers, the Holocaust Museum, etc. We have examined a wide range of social justice issues both with special speakers and with our members and parish associates. We have contributed money for a boat in Colombia. We have completed projects in our church building, such as the partial making over of the chapel.

Men’s Breakfast

On the 2nd Saturday of every other month at 9am, the LVPC Men’s Group gathers in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast together.


The group’s main activity for the year is a fall retreat where we take a weekend and discuss a book, a social issue, or topic of interest to the group. For the past several years we’ve been going to Conference Point Center near Lake Geneva, WI. There is always plenty of free time for group members to pursue their individual interests, be they bike riding, astronomy (Yerkes Observatory is nearby), shopping, hiking, etc. It’s a great way to keep in touch with members of the congregation in an intimate setting. There are scholarships available for church members of limited means.

Contact: Church Office

For Women:

LVPC Women's Retreat 2015

Women’s Retreat

Every January, The LVPC Women gather for a retreat full of conversation and community.

Contact: Sue Cox


Holy Loitering

Hanging out with friends is good for your health!  Individuals with strong social support networks tend to be healthier and live longer.  The Holy Loitering group of LVPC provides such a opportunity to fellowship with others to enhance our wellness.  Gatherings on the 3rd Saturday of every other month include:  bowling, hiking, concerts, potlucks and other special events.  Watch the church bulletin or e-newsletter for additional information.


Contact: Sue Cox


golden diners photo for website

Golden Diners

Join seniors (60+) from our community for a hot meal and fun events. Monday to Friday the Chicago Department of Aging provides a hot lunch (pay what you can).  Throughout the week, LVPC offers programming:

Seniors in Motion

An exercise program made just of you! Join us Tuesday mornings from 10-11 am for a low impact, fun class to get you moving.

The Senior Book Group

The Senior Book Group meets Wednesdays from 12:15-1:15 to discuss a book of their choosing, from fiction to non-fiction.

Senior Activities

BINGO, movies, crafts, birthday and holiday celebrations.

Contacts: Sue Cox