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Theme for the week of March 15th: Immigration



Gov. Rauner went on Chicago Public Radio this past Sunday saying he wants to make IL a welcoming to immigrants and refugees.  Make sure he backs up his talk with actions! Click here to sign a petition.  Click here to contact the governor’s office directly or call 217-782-0244 and tell the governor to support these specific state bills that benefit immigrants and refugees:



  1. Supporting the Illinois Trust Act (HB 3099) to limit collaboration between local police and ICE
  1. Support the Immigrant Safe Zone Act (HB 0426) to make schools and health providers “ICE Free Zones”
  1. Support the Student Access Bill (HB 2394) to grant access to scholarships at state universities to all students regardless of their background or status
  1. Pass an equitable budget that fully funds the Immigrant Integration Line Item, funds refugee providers, helps Illinois residents become citizens (and protects them from deportation) and supports Illinois’ vulnerable communities so that all Illinois residents can meet their full potential.





Download this Know Your Rights card, print it out and distribute it widely.  Helping educate others about their rights when dealing with ICE agents helps undocumented people to live with less fear.





Check out the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR).  Go to their website and click on the “get involved” tab to learn about all the awesome ways to volunteer and click on the “policy and research” tab to learn more about immigration issues.





God in whose image we are all made, may all be welcome in our city.  May no one live in fear of their family being torn apart.  May no one be coerced into giving up their human rights.  May we be a part of your grand love that turns the stranger into family. Amen




In order to measure our impact, please let us know below what you did—Call Act Learn or Pray— this week!


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