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Theme for the week of May 10th: Independent Investigation



Folks, we have a little bit of a Constitutional crisis going on. The President is using his power to alter an investigation, firing James Comey, FBI director and the man who was leading the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. President Trump’s next move? To meet with the Russian foreign minister. Oh, and by the way, who suggested firing Comey? That’s right, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions who had been forced to recuse himself from the investigation.

Yep, nothing to see here folks. Move along!

This should be deeply troubling to anyone and everyone that believes in an honest and transparent government. We need to intensify the pressure on the GOP to install an independent investigative body and give it what it needs to function.

Call your members of Congress and ask them to demand an independent inquiry into Russia collusion with the Trump administration.

Script: Hi, my name is ______________ and I’m a constituent of Senator/Representative _____________. I’m calling to ask him/her to promise to keep pushing for an independent investigation into Russia’s collusion with the Trump administration. The firing of James Comey has proven just how necessary this is.

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All these questions that have been raised require a response. It requires the people to put the pressure on our elected officials to address the Russian interference and demand an independent investigation. Indivisible Chicago is bringing Chicago together to march. We will march to Trump tower and demand an independent investigation.

On June 3rd, The March for Truth with go from Daley Plaza to Trump tower, demanding three things:

  • Demand an independent investigation into Russian interference in our election process.
  • Demand an honest accounting of the Trump administration’s conflict of interests.
  • Demand the Department of Justice continue to investigate police abuse against minorities and sexual harassment in the workplace.

And most importantly, we will demand the truth. We are tired of the endless lies coming from the White House. Ever since the Russians interfered in the election, a cloud of deception has hung over Washington. This must end.

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The Indivisible Guide has updated resources with strategies for pressuring elected officials to demand a independent Russia investigation.





God of Truth, shine light in the obscurity of our politics.  Let transparency and honesty be our pursuit.  Help us organize power around this light and this honesty.  Be with us, Saving Christ, as we work our way towards the radical realness of who you call us to be.  Let Lies wither in the light of the truth in us that comes from you!





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