What to Expect

On a Sunday morning at Lake View, here’s what you can expect to find:

  • A warm welcome, not hot, not cold, just the right temperature of welcome!   We have lots of visitors and we love to see new faces.  Greeters will meet you at the door with a bulletin and can answer any of your questions.  We are casual in dress, especially in the summer.   So dress in whichever way you are comfortable!
  • Phenomenal music by our jazz pianist, our great choir and gifted soloists. Music ranges from jazz, to bluegrass, to rock, to traditional choir anthems. Always changing, always heartfelt, always moving.
  • We share thanksgivings in every service and this part of our service might feel a bit like listening in on a private conversation if you haven’t been here before. People share everything from successful surgery, to a new play they are performing in, to parents in town visiting, to–well, you name it, we’ve heard it! It is the glue that holds us together as community, though, so feel free to join in!
  • Our worship is traditional in that it follows a pretty standard Presbyterian liturgy, but almost anyone would tell you it doesn’t really feel traditional. We are progressive in our theology and uninhibited at trying new things.
  • We have two worship services each week: a 9:00 a.m. service that is smaller, but growing.  It has a quieter feel than our more lively 11:00 a.m. service, but has the same content. The choir sings at 11:00 a.m. service and on occasion sings at 9:00 a.m. too. Our soloists always sing at both services. We serve communion on the first Sunday of the month at both services and everyone is welcome to participate! Their children are welcome at the table, and we honor parent’s decision about when is the right time for their child to begin participating in the sacrament.


When you arrive, you’ll be greeted and given a bulletin. Feel free to sit anywhere. Please fill out a Visitor Card located on the back of the pew and drop it in the offering plate. This gives us a chance to contact you if you want us to. It will also put you on our e-news list that comes out every Wednesday. Mainly, it is just a way for us to find out about you and your interests so we can do a good job of helping you find your way.


Children of all ages are welcome in the service and there are children’s activity bags hanging in the back of the sanctuary on a red steeple. As an alternative, children under five are welcome in the nursery at the top of the stairs by the Broadway entrance. Meet Lily and Amanda, our wonderful nursery staff!


A note about the service itself:  We use media on the wall for art and video, and sometimes for hymns. We sing a lot in our service, especially congregational singing–sometimes in three parts  (check out the worship page and see the videos). We learn new music for the congregation to sing all the time!  We even sing the Lord’s Prayer. The music for this arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer is printed on an insert in your hymnal, but you’ll catch on quickly after you have sung it a few times.  On communion Sundays, we say a traditional Lord’s Prayer and use “debts and debtors”.


Prayer Concerns:   If you have prayer concerns, there are cards on the back of the pew that you can fill out and put in the offering plate and those are brought forward to be included in the Prayers of the People after the Offering is received.


Sunday School is offered for all ages at 10:00 between the two services September through May.  Children meet at 9:45 a.m. for choir practice in the Fellowship Hall and are dismissed from to their different classrooms at 10:00. At the close of their choir practice, an offering is collected for the children that benefits the Heifer Project. Parents pick their children back up at 10:50 in the Fellowship Hall. Parents are welcome to visit classrooms at any time.


After both services, there is a coffee hour in the back of the Sanctuary. The pastor is at the door to greet people as they leave. Members wear name tags, so if you have questions about Lake View feel free to find someone with a name tag and ask!